Falcon Waterfree Technologies came to Duffey Petrosky with a challenge to get building owners on board with a program they'd negotiated with the city of Los Angeles to replace their current traditional flush toilets and urinals with Falcon Waterfree systems at a significant discount. And they wanted some support from the ground up from the people of LA. We told them to Shut The Flush Up.
Some of the most fun was had with radio, via the voice of the annoying and loud traditional toilet. Once this character came to life we realized we could make it guerilla with installations of talking toilets and urinals. Equipped with speakers, they'd blather on and nearby signs would encourage you to press a button to shut the flush up.
We also pitched a mobile website where people in LA could digitally tag locations that are still using old flush systems or locations that have new water-free technologies.  
The map would collect check-ins and build momentum around the movement, creating a comprehensive map of the city and where there are opportunities for improvement. If a business owner feels his shop was wrongly tagged or wants to get off the list, all they need to do is register with the site and pledge to install a sustainable solution within 12 months.
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