SmartWool Brand Expression

SmartWool had three challenges. First, their brand was feeling less than fresh. Second, they needed to stop educating about wool and start talking about performance. Third, research showed they weren’t connecting with core outdoor athletes. Milepost59 in Seattle delivered a new tagline, brand voice, photography style, and I helped with a visual expression to reinvigorate their brand.

One of a collection of mood boards created to take brand attributes and express them as graphic reference.
A series of graphic experiements were done to take the chosen mood board into something closer to a real life execution.
The feeling of performance and the visual idea of fabric and thread came together in intersections of shape and color.
Several rounds of "intersection" experiements were done. A new graphic toolkit combined with the right photography attempted to convey equal parts performance and joy.
The look was eveolved to an extreme. 

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